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Dates and Events for 2017!!

April 19th-23rd - Drums in the Swamp. Springfield, Louisiana.
May 7th - You Are Light Symposium. Hamilton, Ontario.
June 22nd-25th - Michigan Pagan Fest, Belleville Michigan.
July 14th-16th - WitchFest USA. New York, City.
August 11th-13th - Hex Fest. New Orleans, Louisiana.
October 27th - Official Salem Witched Ball. Salem, Massachusetts.
October 29th - The Dumb Supper. Salem, Massachusetts.
October 31st - Salem Witches Magic Circle. Salem, Massachusetts.

More dates and events for 2017 to be announced...


The Official Salem Witches Ball. Salem, Massachusetts.

PanFest. Edmonton, Alberta.

Florida Pagan Gathering. Ocala, Florida.

ConVocation. Ann Arbour, Michigan.

CWPN Harvest Gathering. Orange, Connecticut.

Sirius Rising Festival. Sherman, New York.

Wisteria Summer Solstice Festival. Columbus, Ohio.

Gaia Gathering Conference. Montreal, Quebec.

Faerie Festival. Glen Rock, Pennsylvania.

Muhtadi International Drum Festival. Toronto, Ontario.