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Temple of the Drum CD
Temple of the Drum (2011)

1. Gateway (2:23)
2. Hot Toddy (4:24)
3. Fanga (4:30)
4. Afri Arique (6:11)
5. Tuatha de danann (6:09)
6. Guinea (4:17)
7. Marrakesh (1:22)
8. Bombay Bollywood Bop (4:53)
9. Shaharazad (3:52)
10. Brazil (5:53)
11. Dance of the Thunder Serpent (1:50)
12. Wake the Dragon (9:38)

Run time (55:12)

Tribal Magik CD
Tribal Magik (2009)

1. Conjour (0:59)
2. Black Queen (5:00)
3. Masters of Chaos (5:01)
4. Jajouka (4:20)
5. Shango (7:18)
6. Wield (1:39)
7. Serpentine Seduction (6:28)
8. Dance of the Romas (7:01)
9. Bamboula (6:30)
10. Mountain Mystery (5:24)
11. Unleash (0:45)

Run time (50:18)

13 Mountain Mystery Brews Book
13 Mountain Mystery Brews Book 1: The Elixirs (2010)
This is a collaborative multi media package, containing a musical disk of original music, and a 47 page booklet...whats in the booklet?...Glad you asked!  "13 Mountain Mystery Brews. Book 1: The Elixirs"  contains never before published recipes of drinks and instructions of how to mix them.  Beautifully illustrated by veteran Disney animator and artist Ron Cheverie.  Wonderful art, original content, never before seen recipes, an interactive musical disk...and much more.  The pages and content along with the music will bring you into the realm of Appalachian animal totemic mysteries as well as never before seen by the public, sections of writings from the Grand Council of Conjure Craft (Est. circa 1925).

This disk has us delving into the sounds, rhythms and music of the Appalachian hills and surrounding bayous and valleys, from the south to New England, with drums and instruments we have never recorded with before!  Top quality production by Brian MacPhee of Leviathan Studios.

This book and disk will change your life!!

Canadian Conjuration Camp Out
Canadian Conjuration Camp Out tickets!

Purchase your ticket for the Canadian Conjuration Camp Out. Your ticket will be mailed to your address with your name on it and kept in our records for your arrival. We recommend that you read the details of the event here before purchasing: https://www.facebook.com/events/387372168129378/